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Schmiere Set Beard Oil 5 Flavours Each (5X50ml)

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When it comes to your beard, excellent care products are especially important to you and you would never say no to a new fragrance? Well, then you shall have some! Biff Blackbeard, a busy member of the Schmiere gang offers this great set to you! It combines 5 different fragrances with an elegant design and lets you save a lot on the price. The nostalgic amber glass bottles are individual eye-catchers anyway, but if you put them together - they reveal a lettering: A man doesn't grow a beard - a beard grows a man.

Premium beard oil set for a varying beard care.
This beard oil made in Germany is notably nourishing and soothing due to the purely natural basis of the almond jojoba oil mixture.
The skin and hair caring components give your beard a shimmering but not too flashy shine. By adding the antioxidant vitamin E you even receive a portion of cell protection on top. And of course, a beard shouldn't only look well-groomed but also smell good at all times: Here you can choose from 5 different fragrances that take you to Provence, the Orient and a cedar forest or even straight to the next fruit cocktail. Filled in nostalgic amber glass bottles with 50 ml content and a practical pipette does the packaging not only look great, but also ensures the ideal storage and portioning of the beard oil. The look is topped by the elegant and black wooden box with cool laser embossing. For the perfect care of the second best piece of man, this beard oil is the first choice for both gentlemen and roughnecks like Biff Blackbeard.

The Grease Set Beard oil with 5 fragrances at a glance:
1 x 50ml bottle Beard oil Summer Breeze, Scent: lavender
1 x 50ml bottle Beard oil Wild Sweetness, Scent: vanilla
1 x 50ml bottle Beard oil Forbidden Fruits, Scent: mandarin
1 x 50ml bottle Beard oil Dangerous Woods, Scent: wood
1 x 50ml bottle Beard oil Spring Explosion, Scent: patchouli
Nostalgic amber glass bottles with pipette
Packed in a elegant wooden box with engraving
Made in Germany

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Schmiere by Rumble59 offers a wide range of hair products.
Every single product is lovingly designed, manufactured in Germany and ensures perfect care and the right styling.
The cool beard oil set is an absolute must-have!

The application of the beard oil is just as simple as it can be: take some drops of oil with the help of the pipette and drizzle it on the palm of your hands.
The amount of drops depends on the size of beard. "Less is more!" is the motto! The beard only needs to be slightly coated, therefore 2-3 drops are enough for a three-day beard and 4-5 drops for short to medium full beards. Rub the beard oil between your hands/fingers and massage it gently into the beard and skin.
Once the oil has been evenly applied, the beard can be shaped from the roots to the tips with your fingers or with the help of a beard comb.
The ethereal, soothing fragrance is then released and accompanies you discreetly through the day.