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Masglo Salon 3 Nail Polish (13ml)

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MASGLO SALON is the new professional glaze system with gel effect without lamp.
Developed with the latest technology to achieve greater brightness, adhesion and duration.
Easy application in 4 steps. Drying up to 3 times faster.
Formulation 6Free, free of the following potentially harmful components:
Toluene, Formaldheido, Camphor, Resin
Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate and Nitrocellulose.
The Masglo Salon System is not compatible with other products in the Masglo portfolio or in the market.
It is important to use the full line to get all the benefits.

STEP 1: With nails ready for makeup
Moisten a cloth with masglo nail cleaner.
Clean the nail surfaces, emphasizing the area of ​​the cuticle, lateral and distal edge
It is important to eliminate any residue thus allowing greater adherence of the salon masglo system.

STEP 2: Seal the nails to obtain color adhesion and avoid stains.
Apply a thin layer of salon masglo base on the nails, ensuring that it covers the entire surface.
Finish by sealing the distal edge to avoid lifting.
It is recommended not to brush near the cuticle area or lower edge of the nail.

STEP 3: The new Masglo salon technology guarantees an intense and lasting color.
Apply a thin layer of the desired salon masglo tone, ensuring that the entire surface of the nail is covered in color.
Seal the distal edge to avoid lifting.
Then apply the second thin layer of color by repeating the same procedure.
Avoid as much as possible that the enamel layer is thick, as this could lengthen the drying time and cause easy lifting of the film.

STEP 4: Brightness masglo salon reinforces the application, soothes the brightness and lengthens the duration.
Apply a generous layer of the masglo salon shine on the nails, ensuring that the surface is covered.
Finish by sealing the distal edge.

Do not mix with any product other than masglo salon since they are incompatible.

SIZE: 13ml