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Marvis Jazmin Mint Toothpaste

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Marvis presents a different and daring idea, far from the traditional toothpaste.
It is a picturesque brand that was born with the idea of transforming the daily habit of oral cleaning to turn it into a pleasant and pleasant moment.
Its products are perfect for a curious public and open to new experiences.

Marvis creates unique flavors that captivate and generate a whirlwind of sensations.
It has a characteristic compact texture, very pleasant, and brings a feeling of incomparable freshness while taking care and protecting the teeth.
Marvis has a line of vintage aesthetic products that consists of a total of seven unusual flavors:

Jasmin: it is an authentic and unusual provocation for the senses, with floral notes of jasmine in which little by little the freshest mint is perceived. Jasmine and irresistible mint.

Apply 1.5cm of toothpaste on the toothbrush, moisten and proceed to tooth brushing.

SIZE: 25ml 85ml