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Lendan Terra Volume Spray (200ml)

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Volume Spray is a stimulating spray that maximizes volume and coats the hair fiber for an immediate thickening effect.
Formulated with tepezcohuite, chili and amaranth, which improves hair vitality.

Thickening and redensifying effect.
Covers the hair fiber.
Immediate volumizer.

Volume Spray contains amaranth, chili and tepezcohuite in its formula.
A line especially suitable for fine hair with little volume.

Amaranth: antioxidant and moisturizing. Reduces frizz and caking.
It is a highly beneficial plant thanks to its content rich in proteins and essential nutrients.
Amaranth restores natural movement to hair, reducing frizz and clumping, maximizing natural volume.

Chile: stimulating and invigorating. Promotes microcirculation, enhancing immediate volume.
A spicy fruit of the Capsicum genus rich in ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and vitamins B2, PP and E.
It stimulates scalp circulation, promoting the absorption of nutrients and promoting a volumizing effect on the hair.

Tepezcohuite: stimulating and fortifying. Stimulates circulation and strengthens hair.
Bark extracted from the so-called skin tree, rich in tannins, minerals and trace elements traditionally used for its medicinal properties.
In the hair, it promotes and stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and strengthens the hair fiber.
90% natural ingredients | 100% vegan & cruelty free | Without parabens, sulfates, alcohol or silicones.

Apply evenly to the roots. Do not rinse.
Blow dry your hair for maximum effect.

SIZE: 200ml