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Kativa Anti-Frizz Straightening Without Iron Xtreme Care (alisado sin plancha)

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In hair with a wave level 4 or less, the product will straighten the waves, reduce volume and eliminate frizz.
In hair with a wave level higher than 4, the product will soften thewaves, reduce volume and frizz.
Continuous use of this product, progressively improves the result of straightening treatments.

Enriched with Keratin Protein and Cupuaçu

Mask treatment 150 mL
Shampoo Post treatment 30 mL
Conditioner Post treatment 30 mL

Reduce frizz and volumen.
Non-iron soft effect straightening.
Result for up to 30 days.
Formaldehyde free.
Guanidine free.
Toxic vapor free.
Allows to wash and dye hair inmediately after treatment.
Takes care of hair providing shine, softness and moisture.
With thermo-protection and termal memory: the straightening is activated with the blow-dryer´s heat.

The Keratin Anti-Frizz Kit, a blow-dryer with a concentrator nozzle, a flat brush, a fine toothed comb and a towel.
Follow these steps:
Step 1: Divide into two sections hair washed with shampoo, without any conditioner, completely dry and detangled. With gloves on, apply the Mask, strand by strand, on one of the sections, ½ cm away from the roots. Distribute mask evenly and continue with the second section, until hair is completely covered.
Step 2: Let product sit for 15 minutes and then, with a fine comb, remove only excess mask to make drying easier.
Step 3: Using a blow-dryer with a concentrator nozzle at maximum temperature and a flat brush, dry hair downwards, strand by strand, extending it, until it is completely dry and straight.Important: a good drying guarantees an optimal result.
Step 4: Wash hair with Post Treatment Shampoo, two to three times, to remove completely all mask residues. Rinse thoroughly and apply Post Treatment Conditioner. Let product sit for 3 minutes and rinse.If you wish to dye your hair afterwards, remove all mask residues with shampoo and do not use conditioner.
The dying process might be affected if you do not wash hair thoroughly to remove all mask residues.
Step 5: Dry hair with a blow-dryer. Don't forget that this product h as thermal memory, which is activated when you use the blow dryer. If you dye your hair, start with the dyeing process once your hair is completely dry.

To achieve a better daily finishing, activate the product's thermal memory with a blow-dryer. To extend the straightening effect for longer, use the Kativa Keratin
Post Straightening products available in different points of sale.

Can I apply Kativa Keratin Anti-frizz on my hair if I have used other straightening processes before?
Yes. It can be applied on hair that has had any kind of straightening treatments before.

Can I apply Kativa Keratin Anti-frizz on dyed hair?
Yes, it can be applied on dyed hair. We recommend applying it close to the date of your next coloring since this product could occasion a color variation in hair.

Can I apply Kativa Keratin Anti-frizz after dying my hair?
We recommend to do the straightening treatment first and to then dye your hair. This can be done on the same day and without any disadvantages.

How long does the treatment with Kativa Keratin Anti-frizz last?
The treatment lasts for up to 30 days if the process is performed correctly.

Is there steam during the process with Kativa Keratin Anti-frizz?
Yes. There is a moderate amount of steam that is not toxic or irritating due to the effect of the blow-dryer on hair moisture. Kativa Keratin Anti-frizz does not contain in its composition any prohibited substances for cosmetic use.

After using Kativa Keratin Anti-frizz, can I tie my hair or hold it with pins or clips?
Yes, you can tie or hold your hair as usual, and the straightening will not be altered by it.

After the straightening, what shampoo or conditioner should I use?
To extend the straightening effect, we recommend using the Kativa Keratin
Post Straightening line. In case you do not use it, consider washing your hair with a salt free shampoo, by Kativa..

Can I wash my hair after the straightening treatment?
Hair can be washed on the same day, without any disadvantages.

How often can I straighten my hair?
The result will last for up to 30 days, but the process can be repeated one week after the first application if you wish to do so, as long as hair is not sensitized due to bleaching or other treatments.

Prepare the hair before beginning the process: Wash the hair with shampoo only Do not use conditioner or any other styling product Dry hair completely
2-Avoid applying the mask on the scalp
3-Remove the excess mask with a thin comb after waiting 15-20 minutes from application
4-Use the hair dryer at its maximum temperature
5-Use the hair dryer with the concetrator nozzle
6-Dry hair by thin locks
7-Straigthen hair with a brush
8-Dry hair completely
9-Wash 2 to 3 times with shampoo
10-Use conditioner
11-Dry hair with a hair dryer