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The argan tree is a Moroccan measuring between 8 and 10 meters high and can reach 200 years. Argan oil (Argania spinosa), comes from the extraction of the seeds of the Argan fruit.
MaghrabianOil Argan oil is also used for the care of the scalp, gives new life to dry, tangled and loose hair. Argan oil lighten hair shine again thanks to its high nutritional capacity returns. It is very rich in vitamin E, olive oil instead, which makes it a good restaurateur. Oil Maghrabian success is due to the unique characteristic of being immediately absorbed into the hair inserted into the hair fiber from this without any residue oil and giving an instant brightness.
TREATMENT Maghrabian Oil is that regenerates and revitalizes hair abused by environmental agents, high temperatures, sunlight and chemical processes such as dyeing, bleaching, etc area. From the first application of the softness and shine that gives MaghrabianOil hair while eliminating frizz and turn speed up the drying time by 40%, it shows. Is formulated for use on all hair types and for any hairstyle.

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