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Alfaparf Lisse Design Keratin Therapy Express Smoothing Kit 1 Use

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Apply Deep Cleansing Shampoo (1) on wet hair.
Perform a massage until a homogeneous foam is obtained and rinse.
Repeat the operation a second time.
Proceed to the total drying with the dryer.

Shake the Smoothing Fluid Mousse Maker (2) well before use.
Divide the hair into 4 sections (6 in case of very long hair).
Use appropriate gloves.
Isolate a 2 cm section thick.
Apply the mousse liberally starting at 0.5 cm from the root.
Do not apply on the scalp.
Distribute in lengths and ends using your hands.
Do not use the comb to distribute the mousse and leave the hair very wet.
Cover the hair with a plastic cap and let the product work under a heat source for 20 minutes.
Remove the plastic cap and leave the hair at room temperature for 5 minutes.
Rinse for 15 seconds in case of short hair and for 30 seconds in case of long hair.

Apply Rehydrating Mask (4) on wet hair. Next, distribute the product evenly in lengths and ends with the help of a comb.
Leave on for 5 minutes.
Rinse again for 15 seconds in case of short hair and for 30 seconds in case of long hair.
Proceed to drying with a dryer up to 80% and then proceed with brushing.
Isolate a section of 0.5 cm. of thickness and pass the plate following the modalities indicated below:
Thick, resistant or natural hair: temperature of the plate 200ºC-210ºC.
8 to 10 times ironing.
Normal hair: 190 ºC-200 ºC.
6 to 8 times ironing.
Dyed hair: 170ºC-180ºC.
6 to 8 times ironing.
Fine hair, damaged, discolored, natural white, with 75% of wicks, color of red dye or sensitized 160ºC-170ºC.
Of 7 to 9 times to pass iron.
Why is the product (3) Detangling Cream missing? In the Express method, the application of a detangling product is no longer necessary because the nutrition provided by the application of the mask is sufficient.