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Divination Simone de Luxe hair and scalp treatment products are produced in Barcelona, by DSD Pharm laboratories, specializing in advanced formulas development for various treatment applications in the filed of Trichology and the new biochemically engineered DSD de Luxe line of Dixidox and other active biostimulators completely proves and deserves its "Tribute To Trichology" designation! This new line of well-known by professionals Simone products belongs to the category of cosmeceutics, as these biodynes have the strength of medicinal preparations, but at the same time give a feeling of pleasure and comfort, which is a characteristic of high-quality cosmetics. The DSD de Luxe products posess remarkable therapeutical effects, intensively influence hair growth, reduce the signs of inflammation in case of seborrhea and dandruff, perfectly restore the structure of damaged and chemically processed hair. The safety of these products has been confirmed not only clinically but also by an extended experience of physicians and users of Simone products gained over decades in many countries. It is difficult to find another Trichological range of products having such a well-thought complex of active ingredients. All products intended to stimulate hair growth are based on ingredients which efficiency is confirmed clinically and has a serious scientific basis.

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27 Products