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Thuya Gel Advanced Evolution (50ml)

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State-of-the-art builder gel. More stable, more profitable and faster. Biphasic construction technique, it does not need a base with the builder colors we can make the nail providing greater profitability.

It facilitates construction thanks to its high quality and the fact that it is easily levelled.
Pleasant polymerization sensation
Wide color variety
Greater stability in the construction
Greater power of adhesion to the natural nail
Greater safety in filing thanks to its flexibility and at the same time hardness
Less drying time

The Advanced Evolution Clear Builder Gel is indicated for the construction of transparent or encapsulated gel nails.

Ideal for gel nails on fair skin tones, the Advanced Evolution Pink builder is indicated for camouflage on bitten nails, sandwich technique or single color builds.

For darker skin tones, Advanced Evolution Dark Cover Pink Builder Gel is ideal for camouflage on gel nails for bitten nails or sandwich technique.
Perfect for darker skin tones.

The Advanced Evolution Natural Cover Pink gel is indicated for camouflage gel nails in bitten nails or sandwich technique.
Ideal for medium skin tones.

For gel nails, the Advanced Evolution Soft Peach is ideal for all types of French manicures.
It's also perfect for single color manicures.

For a more natural look on gel nails, Advanced Evolution Soft Pink is ideal.
Indicated for single color manicures and all types of French manicures.

SIZE: 50ml