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40 years ago in Barcelona José Campos stablished ZIMBERLAND professional hair care brand, listening to the needs of hairdressers and the differential advantage of having its own laboratory and manufacturing plant. Pioneering revolutionary ideas, innovative products, unique professional treatments has made ZIMBERLAND continuously growing and expanding it’s international presence.
Throughout the years, ZIMBERLAND has strongly worked in order to offer the highest quality prodcucts and best customer service, researching and developing new formulas and products. In addition to hair care lines, also has a line containing a Professional Makeup vast range of products and shades following the latest fashion trends. Masks, fixed liners, compact powders, lipsticks in different textures, Glosses Tatoo, mousse makeup, BB creams.

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Catalog from Zimberland for skin care, hair care and make up


55 Item(s)


55 Item(s)